In between our wants and our needs ;

we find who we really are.

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suspended dreams.
 The town had done exactly what iw as known for. Those four days that the two lovers spent tangled in eachother, lost to everyone else, committed to nothing more than being eachother's everything, Those four days had been provided by a suspension of disbelief. 
 In a place where imagination met and made love to passion, ofcourse they had found shelter. It was as though a universal force had collided with the tectonics of fate and given them alone this place of unlimited possibility. 
even heaven it seemed, had an expiration date. And all too soon the lights on the final act of their love faded. 
All too soon came the bow adn the wave and the return to everything they were running from. Back into play, back into battle, back into whatever it was when they went home. 

But this time, they could both hold on . 
This time they knew that there was somewhere, a place that they had been able to run to. 
An idea to cling to when It was frightening or when they had nowhere to touch or nothing to hold onto. 

Those days could be enough to take with them to bed, when they slept in seperate worlds, in seperate houses,
In different lives. 

Until reality and suspended disbelief could collide once more, 
and hopefully, the next time, 
create permanence. 


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